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    Changing Doctors in a Workers Compensation Case

    Getting proper medical treatment is vital for you to recover from your work injury. Your doctor will not only provide treatment but also determine and report the severity of your injuries, to help your claim. For your health’s sake, he’ll even set you on work restrictions or decide your return to…[Read more]

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    Are Occupational Diseases Covered by Worker’s Compensation?

    Though most work-related injuries are from accidents, some also arise from occupational diseases. A worker’s compensation insurance plan will provide similar coverage for occupational diseases as it does for workplace accidents.

    What Are Occupational Diseases?

    Occupational dis…[Read more]

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    When Do You Need to Hire a Car Accident Lawyer?

    You’re probably aware that you can receive compensation from a car accident. While you can attempt to negotiate a settlement yourself, your case may be too complicated for you to handle. You may end up getting little or nothing as benefits. Here’s when it makes the most sense to seek legal…[Read more]

  • The Impact of Fault or No-Fault in a Personal Injury Lawsuit

    The ‘Fault’ concept can be a lot confusing in a personal injury lawsuit. While it’s one thing to know who’s to blame for your injury, how the insurance handles it can be tricky. Insurance companies’ response to personal injury cases varies across states. You may consult experienc…[Read more]

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    Compensation for Workplace Slip, Trip, And Fall Injuries

    One of the commonly experienced accidents in the workplace is the slip, trip, and fall accident. Though it might seem minor, it has caused many workers to miss work for days, months, and even years. A research conducted by a government agency in charge of health and safety shows that…[Read more]

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