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If you are self-employed or thinking about becoming self-employed, you are not alone. Membership to Self-Employed Association is free, and the benefits are priceless. Self-employed people like us encounter certain obstacles every day, and it can be hard to work through them by ourselves. This is a platform where you can discuss your challenges and learn from others. Big and medium size businesses enjoy lower cost because of their buying power. By banding together as individual members of a larger organization, we can get access to these deals. Join us and learn how you can get up to a 4% discount from Walmart, Macy’s, Dell, and more. Membership also offers services that can better your health, including 24/7 doctor access, annual comprehensive wellness testing, data-driven healing, discounts on MRIs and X-rays, and over 500 options for lab tests. Last but not least, if your child is in need of math or science enrichment, we can connect you to top experts in those fields who would be happy to help.


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