Medicare Choices from Kaiser Permanente

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Kaiser Permanente is a prominent name in the health insurance industry and a name to be reckoned with trust and efficiency.Kaiser health insurance service is available in about twelve regions in the US which roughly covers about nine states. This company has established its mark since it started operations about seventy years ago.

Medicare Plans from Kaiser

Kaiser offers a variety of Medicare plans but the choices differ by area. There are mainly three kinds of plans –

  • Kaiser Permanente Senior Advantage HMO and HMO SNP
  • Kaiser Permanente Senior Advantage POS
  • Kaiser Permanente Medicare Cost Plus

The Senior Advantage plans covers all the benefits as required by Medicare and also some added Kaiser benefits. Some plans in this category may have prescription drug coverage included with them. All members of this plan have the option to add Advantage Plus benefits to their existing plan. This feature entitles them to hearing, eyewear and dental coverage at reasonable rates.

Members who qualify for both Medicare and Medicaid can avail the Senior Advantage Medicare Medicaid plan. This plan option is for individual members only, not for groups. People who get Medicare benefits based on disabilities can also be eligible for this plan. Kaiser also offers a HMO Special Needs Plan for members who need extreme medical care or have to stay in a care facility.

Medicare Cost Plans by Kaiser lets the members use providers outside their network in which case they are covered by Original Medicare, Part A and Part B. You can join Cost Plans even if you have Medicare Part B only. You can discontinue your Cost Plan and return to Original Medicare. However, these plans are offered by Kaiser in very few areas of Virginia and Maryland.

All of Kaiser’s Medicare plans operate on the HMO model. It has a strong network of doctors, hospitals and medical services who are affiliated only with Kaiser. So, as a member of the Kaiser plan you have to go to the medical facility serving Kaiser members only. A big advantage of this system is that it provides all services at one spot and all your information is shared among the various providers within the same system making it more convenient and efficient. However, this system does not allow any choice of providers outside the network. All your medical needs will be fulfilled by the Kaiser hospital.

For detailed information on all Medicare Plans from Kaiser you can go through the Summary of Benefits of the plans and get quotes from the company.