Filing For a Claim with John Hancock

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After you have done all the research and bought a good long-term care insurance policy, comes the most important part of using the policy – using the benefits for which you have taken the policy. Every insurance company has their own rules and regulations about filing claims but most of the process is pretty similar.

John Hancock is one of the most popular companies selling long-term care insurance policies. Knowing the right and exact process of filing a claim is very important as that will determine the approval and quick settlement of your claim. When you buy an insurance policy you should also be aware of the claim filing process. Any missing documentation or incorrect filing could cause your claim to be delayed or rejected.

First Step for Filing a Claim with John Hancock

Filing a claim is not a complicated process but you have to do it correct sequence and manner. When you think you need to file a claim, the first thing you should do is contact a company representative who will give you a Claim Initiation kit containing all the necessary forms.

You must meet the benefit eligibility requirements in order to receive the benefits. The forms received in the kit have to be filled in and submitted by the policyholder in order to satisfy the eligibility requirements queries. The receipt of these forms by the company will initiate the claim filing process.

Next, a health care professional will be sent to meet the policyholder for a personal interaction and assessment of his or her physical and mental condition. The health care professional will check the patient’s condition and send his observation reports to the company.

If the company feels the need, it may contact the facility from which the policyholder is getting the service in order to further verify the patient’s condition.

The complete information and verification of the policyholder’s eligibility will be assessed by the company. In case more information is required, the company will ask the policyholder to acquire the required information from the care providers. Following this the policyholder will be notified about the results of the assessment and whether he or she is eligible to receive the benefits as per the policy. This will be communicated to the policyholder in writing. this will be followed by the second stage of claim filing.

Before taking any service, you should know exactly what your benefits are so that you know what to expect and how much you can claim for.